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    $0 No reading fees for submission to Anthologies, The Drury Gazette™, Theo's Compass™ or single author manuscripts. Submission does not guarantee acceptance nor publishing of submitted work. An Author Release Form must accompany ALL Submissions. Submission will ONLY be acknowledged or returned if providing a S.A.S.E. (Self-Addressed-Stamped-Envelope) with proper postage.
    Submissions may be Any Subject, Any Style, and Any Genre. Typed. Some restrictions may apply. You are NEVER under ANY obligation to purchase anything at any time. Purchasers are given premium consideration and placement. You may receive offers to purchase publications or services however you are NOT obligated NOR required to buy anything to guarantee publication of accepted work. Whether you purchase or not accepted work is still published.
    Accepted submissions will be typed set, a publisher proof mailed or digitally transmitted to the legal originator for correction of possible errors. Should originator not return publisher proof within time frame given work will be published "AS IS". ONLY typesetting errors may be corrected at that time. Publisher Proofs are the sole and complete property of the Publisher and MUST be returned.
    Submissions are NOT open to the public at large. You must have received a direct mail invitation or been recommended by a past or present author to have your submission considered. If you are submitting an unsolicited manuscript it is required you state the author/publication recommending or sponsoring you. These are Not-For-Profit publications. Supported by my personal funds. Donations or purchases aid in offsetting associated cost. Submissions NOT adhering to these conditions will be rejected.
    The sole purpose of Anthologies, The Drury Gazette™, and Theo’s Compass™ is to help authors with limited to no means promote their material. No commercial adverts support or are present in these publications. Included adverts are FREE book advertisements for authors and FREE or EXCHANGED adverts of publications whose goals are similar.
    Anthologies: Every accepted author has their work published for FREE which includes their photo and BIO. The Drury Gazette™ & Theo’s Compass™: Every accepted author has his or her work published for FREE, sometimes includes photo and BIO, and author receive FREE advert space to promote their published book, music, and film or solicited orders. All adverts are the sole and complete responsibility of the advertising party.

* S.A.S.E. = Self-Addressed-Stamped-Envelope
** (Nothing Pornographic)
*** Author may retract submission at any time in writing prior to typesetting or mailed publisher proofs; whichever comes first. No retraction will be accepted if either of these conditions exist without compensation to the publisher for time, expense and delays. Removal requires both author and publisher written agreement.
**** Any use in whole or in part of my copyright material in print or electronically is NOT authorized without my express written consent. Any such use in any published form whether you receive payment or not is strictly prohibited and must monetarily compensate me for such use. You must cease and desist immediately.

    Everyone is on an incredible journey unique to each individual. On this grand excursion amidst confusion and uncertainty. There are gentle positive signs of hope as the light can be seen. A small girl, Procula, is on one such adventure of her own.

 Dive into the Roman era of history and mystery. PROCULA novel sports a wealth of researched historical facts intertwined with mystery and intrigue surrounding Pontius Pilate's wife PROCULA.

Set in Biblical times, Procula. a young girl, is raised by wealthy relatives in Rome. She marries Pontius Pilate, an Army officer, who is sent to Palestine as Emperor Tiberius’ personal representative to “keep the peace”. When Jesus (a popular Jewish rabbi from Nazareth) is jailed, Procula warns Pilate against involvement. He ignores her. Later, Pilate is summoned to Rome on false charges, but Procula manages their escape. This adventure story, based on historical research, recreates Biblical personalities. Born in a remote village, little is known of this woman until now.

     The world will never know how her influence could have altered the course of history. See how her own trials and tribulations influenced her life. And later positioned her into a seat of great power as wife to Pontius Pilate. Read for yourself as you take this remarkable journey into ancient Palestine to watch her life unfold. A sophisticated woman of means taunted by powerful imagery in her dreams. When a situation unfolded before Pilate, his wife quickly advised him to be cautious. Had she been more persistent, she may have been able to arrest the crucifixion. Later this caring woman of influence and power seeks sanctuary with her family in AEgyptus, in a small obscure city where they lived under assumed names. Isn't it time you discover the woman who may have changed history?

     Flame of Mame is a story of a very wealthy man and women who are married and lived in the mid 1800 hundreds and have had to be apart approximately 12 years due to extreme circumstances beyond their control. She being of an Aristocratic family with status and money and him being very rich in his own right.
Flame of Mame weaves in out of the years of separation and their deep affectionate love for each other, how their story brought about an even deeper change in their life styles they had previously lived and known.

Flame of Mame is in an Era of politics emerging, the War, the times of rebuilding war torn South and North, a time of restoring communities and lives. Becoming totally different from whom you were born as, who you have become, by worldly circumstances and changes of your life styles and gathering the hope of Love, and Reunion in a unchartered territory neither expected to find themselves in.

     Nasansa Endures is a result of Steve Nottingham's lifelong interest in lost world stories, everything from Conan Doyle's classic "The Lost World" to the recent sequel “Dinosaur Summer” by Michael Crichton and the latter's two Jurassic Park novels, which became block-busting movies. Nottingham is also a great admirer of the works Rider Haggard and Edgar Rice Burroughs, who wrote many fascinating lost world novels of their own. In addition, Steve Nottingham has great interest in factual books on dinosaurs and paleontology. He's also interested in Africa; not so much the Africa of today but the mysterious Dark Continent of yesteryear. He's particularly fascinated by accounts of those courageous white explorers who first penetrated Africa's wilds at great risk to their own lives. Nasansa Endures (Nasansa is the name of Nottingham's own lost world) he's interests in all elements have come together, and he had great pleasure in chronicling this fictional adventure.

     This action-packed adventure novel back-dropped in Thailand about a special team formed of six people from myriad military service backgrounds are known as The Siam Six. Their covert operation's purpose is to combat unique threats and crises which can't be dealt by Thailand's conventional armed forces. The Siam Six stealth forces soon find themselves facing dangers which test their special abilities to the limit. Their wide-ranging missions take them from the bustling overcrowded sprawl of Bangkok into the jungles of Cambodia and then the ocean depths off southern Thailand.

     Lifetime Memories in Verse is a book of poetry is made up of rhymes and thoughts that I have written down in the last twenty years of my life. They are memories of my early life and laments about my advanced age and a bit about my surroundings and my family. I have written about flowers and nature but those have been published in another resource so I have not included an excess of them here. Please read and enjoy. I was eighty years old before I wrote a single one of them.



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