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My Mission

My mission advocates lifelong dreams, prosper my creative journey each step of the way. So the masses can have access to fresh genuine literature. I am positive my work will enlighten, entertain and spark your imagination. Do not shy away from dreams that may spark new beginnings.

Narrow Footbridge

Crossing Spiked Tree

Half Way Point

A. T. Conservatory

Dreams Do Come True

My current book project chronicles my Epic Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike 2014. The Appalachian Trail is much more than geography extending through 14 states and 2200 miles of challenging terrain. I will give my nonfiction account of this engagement. I was not a camper. Not a hiker. Not a backpacker, boulder scrambler or athlete rock climber. A novice on this trek in the beginning when suddenly I realized I had undergone a life-changing event.

Hard Way

Angie & Gary

Live Without Fear