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Gary Drury

“Opening a book is like opening a door

New worlds and opportunities await.”

The message in Naked is an unspoken promise life will improve, things will change, with a positive outlook, faith in your soul and love in your heart – tomorrow is a better day. Regardless of how gravely a poem may come across at first reading the thoughts embodied the message are positive. God is answering, not with a whimper or with a roar, but silent and tame. Naked touches on sensitive subjects in today’s society, such as rape, child abuse, suicide, and depression. More traditional poems and prose of faith, God, angels and prayer grace these pages as well. The work strives for well ness of mind and spirit as tolerance of diversity is devotedly encouraged.

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Gary Drury is a bright, talented author who has demonstrated a promising future in the literary world; his originality of ideas, concepts, style, and narrative technique etc. are positively breathtaking - refreshing - nonetheless, indeed an understatement of Drury's true genius and meticulous craftsmanship with words forming his unique voice. He offers a wealth of stimulating ideas, and delivers his message with imaginative intensity. He has diligently accumulated numerous awards and accolades. Drury's honors include The International Biographical Centre of England; The International Authors and Writers Who's Who; The International Who's Who in Music; Dictionary of International Biography; The World Who's Who Men of Achievement, Member of Songwriters Club of America, and recipient of several Golden Poet Awards from the World of Poetry. In addition, Drury's literary endeavors are found in Feelings Magazine, The Plowman Journal of Canada, Saint Vincent DePaul Newsletter, Quill Books, World of Poetry, Poetry Magic, and Mini-World of Japan.

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