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© Gary Drury

Listen to the wind speed by

As vacant lips spill nothing

but deceit and lies

as soulful eyes project nothing

Capturing truth be a difficult task

Nothing to hold and Nothing to last

A world of decay and people astray

Capturing truth leads to dismay

Listen still the breeze of lies

Hypnotic tunes of nothing

But disappointment and disguise

as mournful words say nothing

Capturing the truth…

Be an impossible task…

As the disease continues to last.


© Gary Drury

Shedding a mask of permanence

Leads to unfamiliar ground

Is this merely an act of indulgence?

Or is it nobly honour bound?

Dangers of server harassment

Lurk in the depths of unholy souls

Eager to appease their discontentment

via frivolous and mundane woes.

Shedding shrouded sophistication

Trekking virgin ground

Imploring valid mediation

Where aspiring voices sound.

Peel away the decay of deceit

And cast out thy veil

The substance of my receipt

Will heave full winds in my sail.


© Gary Drury

Life is sharp

And the cut is deep

The pain is indescribable

Yet the blade

Feels no compunction

for its actions

Life is sharp


it’s better to experience

the attack

Than to conquer

a dull blade.

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