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The mission is to bring people together through God’s word and creativity so the individual can be unabridged in mind, body, and spirit. When people are in balance their temporary earthly existence is substantially fulfilling. Furthermore, people learn as steadfast Christians to utilize their blessed creative talents to share with others signs and miracles they experienced and demonstrate by action God’s kindness,

People may have come here with emptiness in your heart and soul, a hole penetrating deep inside yourself. However, a person will discover via fellowship that preaching and being force-feed scripture isn’t always the best course of action to understand God and what He wants for His people. Consequently, your soul is ravenous for spiritual nourishment. Naturally over time people stray from the faith due to the experiences of their journey. By straying a person acknowledged the confusion of what is happening is beyond your control and need to lean on God for that unconditional love and strength.

While you are here, become a member of our Virtual Christian Community by emailing garydruryministries and receive a free virtual gift to print out and enjoy. Remember, to add the email address to avoid interruption and cheek your spam or trash boxes. Notwithstanding, your name, address, phone number, and email are never sold, leased or rented, or provided to any third party without your written consent. Everything is stated upfront and not hidden in small text that’s unreadable.

The Gary Drury Ministry is a small private nonprofit sanctioned by GOD and secured by the Republic Constitution of The United States under the First Amendment and True Separation of Church and State is a *26 U.S. Code § 508 (c) (1) (A). Providing an informal environment with a family atmosphere and laid-back approach to GOD while disseminating His divine word.

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God’s wonders

are everywhere,

open one’s eyes

and see beyond

the blinding fog!

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