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The Appalachian Trail Tells a Tale

The Appalachian Trail is more than geography that extends through 14 states and 2200 miles of challenging terrain. For poet Gary Drury, his nonfiction account of his rendezvous with Mother Nature, or, as he describes her, a “cruel, relentless mistress,” the Appalachian Trail represented an epic journey. Drury is not a camper. Not a hiker. Not a backpacker, boulder scrambler, athlete, or rock climber. In order to embark on the journey that he undertook in 2014, he says, “I elected to step 180 degrees outside my comfort zone.” He began the journey as a novice. By the end, he realized that he had undergone a life-changing event.

But he’s a poet. So it was perhaps inevitable that he would turn the images into words when the journey ended. He’s writing about his experiences, including the episode where he was nearly carried out in a body bag, and found the physical death to be reaffirming. The journey began, Drury admits, under romantic impressions, he gleaned from a National Geographic documentary. There were times when he questioned why he was subjecting himself to the physical ordeal. He was too stubborn to give up. But just as powerful as his determination was his dedication to the deceased family members he honored with his quest, and the charities, including the Red Cross, St. Jude’s, and the Salvation Army that he supported with his hiking. Continue reading….



I stare blankly into Godless night

In burning brightness of day

No love to take vacancy in the heart

Chaos and Hell’s fire blaze in soul

Veins balloon as blood gorges

I’m gone though I’m here

Presently absent

The emptiness isn’t a daydream

Time forsaken, forever abandon

No memory to remember


No awareness

No knowledge

Only the clue


Only the clue

Reveals absence

Copyright 2018 Gary Drury



   Gary Drury writes books, considering where you’re reading this, makes obvious sense. He’s best known for writing poetry and non-fiction. He publishes a free quarterly gazette promoting writers. He’s an avid supporter of free speech and independent-publishing. Drury subscribes to the philosophy that everyone has the inalienable right to bear arms. So, grab pen and paper and start writing it’s our most powerful weapon.

   “My primary education was in parochial school where I still burden the guilt today. Not surprisingly my writings clearly convey those inner demons. Regardless of age one never escapes childhood experiences and memories. Probably reason why Edgar Allen Poe is my kindred spirit. One year, I set out to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail stretching 2200 miles across fourteen states and seven months to complete, it’s an epic journey like no other.”

    Family and friends are priority in his life. Then Drury’s greatest joy sharing his earnest passion ‘Poetry’ and ‘Life Experiences’ with others.

   Gary Drury is an award-winning writer whose publications included Candle in the Wind (translated into Russian) and Naked (his soul is exposed). Drury’s most recent books are Color My Soul and Masquerade. Most of his writings touches on sensitive subjects today. Find out  more about Gary at

If you dare dive into his imaginative intensity.

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