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   The Appalachian Trail is my first adventure of performing any such task of this nature. Please follow along, take this excursion with me. I'll post videos as often as possible . . . I don't know how far I'll get through my goal is to thru-hike from Georgia to Maine. I believe I'm prepared or as prepared as I can be– If I get too cold I'll just snuggle up with a big ole teddy bear until old man winter waves so-long. Unless I become his lunch.

Video 1] Water, water, water is not everywhere and it is not always guaranteed. Here was a case of plenty, but one mile away from the destination point. I drink at least a gallon of water per day at home with a sedentary lifestyle. I biggest fear was not having enough water to remain hydrated. I had no fear of people or wildlife in the wilderness. I’d rather play with a bear than to be without water.

Video 2] You must have three things to survive: fire, water, and shelter. Four if you must eat, I did very little of that on the trail. Weight poured off me like butter melting on a sidewalk in mid-august. I had all three and the fourth wasn’t being eaten. It smelled something wicked and I couldn’t stomach it. Granted, the food wasn’t spoiled. I sported what is known as hikers loss of appetite. Furthermore, it was cold and drinking water or other beverages were still fancied by my taste buds. Grunt, I make a fire, but water doesn’t boil. Hot enough to drink and warm up.

Video 3] Rain poured harder than cats and dogs. Howling winds from all four corners of the glove mauled down on me. Massive trees bent as toothpicks and limbs and branches crashed wildly in the background. Thunder roared and lightning brazed against the black velvet skies. The wet clothes hung to dry on 550 paracord were drenched dripping water like Niagra Falls. Temperatures collapsing below freezing nonetheless, I was safely tucked inside the tent and dry for the moment.

Video 4] Nothing says novice like an over-prepared backpack with gear. Gear List reveals the experience of a thru-hiker without any words needed. Nevertheless, you have to start somewhere, sometime to gain the experience needed. I’ve read books, I have seen the videos, I enjoyed survival prepper television shows. However, it’s the real-world dive-in moment that gives you the quickest education.

   Thank you for stopping by and checking out a few of my Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike moments.

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