“Congratulations on your book Color My Soul. I’ve enjoyed every poem. I had thought all along you must have written many poems like a song. Good luck on many more books.“

— Dorothy B, USA

“It was good to get your "Color My Soul." I especially liked your "Even Roses Cry Sometimes" and "No Shadows". You have a very poignant and sensitive way of writing--almost an air of mystery, wanting to know what's behind it all. The poems about suicide leave me a  little wary--it is so easy to romanticize death in this age of violence. “

— Marion Y, USA

“Read half your book and find it most interesting. I hardly think the depth of thought would reach the average person. Will finish reading and read again to fully digest your thoughts. An excellent copy.”

— Cecilia H, USA

“. . . I really liked your poems Mortal Wounds and Capturing Truth; they’re really good. In fact, I think that your book is probably the best that I’ve read in the past 10 years or so. It’s clear, direct and relative to all who reads it.”

— Frank K, Europe

“Domestic Terrorist Cell Invades My Neighborhood “is very well done. I pray it is not true, “even though it sounds true enough. These are the “subjects no one wants to talk about . . . even “though it is as plain as it can be. I wonder how“many comments you will get on that, Gary?”

— Janet J, USA

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